FINUFFT was initiated by Jeremy Magland and Alex Barnett at the Center for Computational Mathematics, Flatiron Institute (then called Simons Center for Data Analysis) in early 2017. The main developer and maintainer is:

  • Alex Barnett

Major code contributions by:

  • Jeremy Magland - early multithreaded spreader, benchmark vs other libraries, py wrapper

  • Ludvig af Klinteberg - SIMD vectorization/acceleration of spreader, julia wrapper

  • Yu-Hsuan (“Melody”) Shih - 2d1many, 2d2many vectorized interface, GPU version

  • Andrea Malleo - guru interface prototype and tests

  • Libin Lu - guru Fortran, python, MATLAB/octave, julia interfaces, cmake, CI maintenance

  • Joakim Andén - python, MATLAB/FFTW issues, dual-precision, performance tests, GPU version merge docs/tests

  • Robert Blackwell - atomic OMP add_wrapped_subgrid, GPU version merge

Other significant code contributions by:

  • Leslie Greengard and June-Yub Lee - CMCL Fortran test drivers

  • Dan Foreman-Mackey - early python wrappers

  • David Stein - python wrappers, finding “pi-1ULP” spreadcheck error

  • Garrett Wright - dual-precision build, py packaging, GPU version

  • Wenda Zhou - Cmake build, SIMD optims, code review, professionalization

  • Martin Reinecke - SIMD acceleration of interpolator, improved binsort

Testing, bug reports, helpful discussions:

  • Dan Fortunato - MATLAB setpts temp array bug and fix

  • Hannah Lawrence - user testing and finding bugs

  • Marina Spivak - Fortran testing

  • Hugo Strand - python bugs

  • Amit Moscovich - Mac OSX build

  • Dylan Simon - sphinx help

  • Zydrunas Gimbutas - MWrap extension, explanation that NFFT uses Kaiser-Bessel backwards

  • Charlie Epstein - help with analysis of kernel Fourier transform sums

  • Christian Muller - optimization (CMA-ES) for early kernel design

  • Andras Pataki - complex number speed in C++, thread-safety of FFTW

  • Jonas Krimmer - thread safety of FFTW, Windows makefile

  • Timo Heister - pass/fail numdiff testing ideas

  • Vladimir Rokhlin - piecewise polynomial approximation on complex boxes

  • Reinhard Neder - fortran90 demo using finufft as module, OSX build

  • Vineet Bansal - py packaging

  • Marco Barbone - cmake, windows build

Logo design: Sherry Choi with input from Alex Barnett and Lucy Reading-Ikkanda.

We are also indebted to the authors of other NUFFT codes such as NFFT3, CMCL NUFFT, MIRT, BART, etc, upon whose interfaces, code, and algorithms we have built.