The main code and mathematical development is by:

  • Alex Barnett (Flatiron Institute)
  • Jeremy Magland (Flatiron Institute)

Significant SIMD vectorization/acceleration of the spreader by:

  • Ludvig af Klinteberg (SFU)

Other code contributions:

  • Yu-Hsuan (“Melody”) Shih - 2d1many, 2d2many interface for many vectors same points
  • Leslie Greengard and June-Yub Lee - CMCL fortran drivers and test codes
  • Dan Foreman-Mackey - python wrappers
  • David Stein - python wrappers
  • Dylan Simon - sphinx help
  • Amit Moscovich - Mac OSX build

Testing, bug reports:

  • Joakim Anden - catching memory leak, Matlab/FFTW issues, performance tests
  • Hannah Lawrence - user testing and finding bugs
  • Marina Spivak - fortran testing
  • Hugo Strand - python bugs

Helpful discussions:

  • Charlie Epstein - analysis of kernel Fourier transform sums
  • Christian Muller - optimization (CMA-ES) for early kernel design
  • Andras Pataki - complex number speed in C++
  • Timo Heister - pass/fail numdiff testing ideas
  • Zydrunas Gimbutas - explanation that NFFT uses Kaiser-Bessel backwards
  • Vladimir Rokhlin - piecewise polynomial approximation on complex boxes